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What should you do when you start to doubt the goodness of God? Perhaps you wonder if God cares about you at all, or maybe you're troubled by a particular Christian belief, or you have a hard time understanding why a benevolent God could let evil exist in the world He created. You may wonder if you can truly be a Christian when you have doubts. Maybe you feel that you are the only person struggling with issues like these.
At John Divine Missionary Baptist, we depend on actual Bible verses to enhance your spiritual studies and help bring answers to questions like these. In our study for devotions, we look at the actions and words of Jesus Christ and other Scriptures in the Holy Bible as we strive to comprehend God’s plan for our lives and for those around us.
Do you ever feel like you speed through life without experiencing God's presence? We rush from work to social gatherings and from kids' activities to family obligations. Often, we crawl into bed at night, exhausted, never having spoken with God or thought about Him during our day. At John Divine Missionary Baptist, we want our lives to be more than a meaningless treadmill. We study together to understand the nature of true discipleship, of our missionary roles, and of ways we can share the message of God.
It’s possible to have been raised on Christian principles, taken to church on a regular basis, and still not understand or believe in the reality of the salvation offered to us by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. We offer lesson plans founded on the Gospel that can result in life enhancement for those who truly seek the light of God’s love.
No one is turned away from John Divine Missionary Baptist Bible studies in East St. Louis, IL. Whoever you are, you will be welcomed into our circle of study, prayer, and worship. 

Give us the chance to walk with you on a pathway to eternal salvation.

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